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Thought, selected and toasted with detail

My Motivation

My name is Pablo and for the last 10 years I have been promoting specialty coffees from Colombia. What most people don’t know is that the common coffee found in supermarkets is owned by big industry. This means that they can cheat and sell the leftovers from the production because they know that in the end most of the consumers add sugar, cream or milk to be able to drink it. So they just need branding and packaging that looks good.

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Specialty Coffee means that only the best beans are selected, physically inspected when not roasted, and sensory inspected when roasted. Then we can award a score. This is 100% traceable coffee from a specific farm and producer in Colombia (not blended with other coffees) only 100% aruba coffee.


My passion for coffee allows me to go into the details of the selection and the entire post-harvest process, including the roasting profile, to guarantee excellent coffee that we ship directly from Colombia. Almost everyone in the family has their own lot.

the challenge

More coffee, less coke – Our job is to change the coffee reality by getting real specialty coffee for you with an exact origin and how your cup is impacting our country. In Colombia we face a great challenge to maintain coffee crops due to the enormous temptation to produce a better paid crop (coca, which is the main source of cocaine). So we profile, we help the farmer to continue believing in coffee with the production to be able to offer you a good cup.

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